Monday, December 26, 2005

A Blog for the Ages, Night 1.

So Christmas vacation.

Let’s start out with the hotel I stayed out on the way out to Wisco. We have already established that Danny is a idiot when it comes to girls, but this short story may take the cake. Due to my drained mental state caused by 14 hours of continuous driving I decided to stop for the evening. It so happened that I chose a hotel in Fergus Falls, MN with a beautiful check-in girl. The hotel did not have any rooms that allowed dogs, but check-in girl made an exception. She gave me a bereavance fare on family suite. (Note to self: first hint she may either like you, or she is extremely nice). After a lengthy 15 minute conversation about my boring life and check in girl talking about how much she would love to visit, I proceeded to get Phoebe out of my car to introduce. Phoebe helped win even more points with her natural charm and addition to our conversation points. As I thanked her for her hospitality, I began to make my way up the stairs. At this point a very interesting thing happened. Check-in girl went out of her way to invite me out with her for a drink at Z’s (the best local bar, located at the neighboring best western). Now, she was meeting other people, but going out of her way to invite a total stranger out for a drink seemed interesting to me, to say the least. Long story short, I said I would try to meet her, but do to my dog’s inability to be along alone a hotel room without howling, I couldn’t make it and went to bed at 8PM. (Note to self stop being lame). There is a plus to this story, I left a pair of shoes at the hotel so I will be stopping on my way back. A Blog for the Ages, Night 1, take 2…suckaa! Learn anything DJ? (please forgive the 3rd person usage throughtout) .

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hot and Bothered at Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is a bar in the Big Sky mall. Beers there cost $5. for the record, they do taste good. While we were there today, Julia got a little hot and bothered. Not really, I don't think, but I was saying so, and so it became tonight's blog item. And I've already said as much about it as I'm going to. Somehow, today was Tom, Julia, and my last day of training. This means tommorow our pay scale goes up considerably, but, on on the other hand, we are going to be trusted with young human beings. I'll be teaching elks, which involves going on any number of chairlifts. Uffda. Tucker arrived back in town today. I think that it is a somewhat celebrated arrival - at least at Big Sky. Every other person: "When is Tucker coming back? Yay!" My most common response related to the fact that I am already around. But, alas, it will certainly be fun to ski with him. Wait... When do we actually get to ski? Maybe in two weeks. Let the countdown begin! 14... The parents are coming to town this weekend. Turns out, there is a major holiday. Somehow the past few years Chrismukahh has sort of snuck up and jumped on me, which makes for an anticlimatic holiday. I think that a lot of the appeal of Christmas is the buildup - the cookies, presents piling under the tree, looking forward to that break from school, a little more cheer in each person you meet. I don't consider Christmas Carols to be a part of this list. For the most part, I abhor Christmas music. Being at Colorado College and Big Sky Resort don't really help with many of the items on the list, except perhaps the music aspect, which, of course, isn't doing much. The question of the evening: if a girl implies that she is going to call you, well, maybe implies, and you don't hear a word, is it a bad sign, or no sign? I've actually ruled out good sign already.

Oh so Bozeman

Today was a day to end all days. Screw work, but that is not what is important. One thing that I really seem to be hearing a lot about lately is people getting married. A girl in my office got engaged, the receptionist got married, the girl I work with is planning her wedding, 3 of my friends are getting married this summer, and my mom told me tonight that 2 kids I went to grade school with are now engaged. What the hell is going on here. I know I am only 24 but there is so much more to be done. I am sure it will happen some time but they must all be at some different point in their lives to be doing this now. Enough with that though, Tucker is back in town. Back at Big Sky and back at Spring Creek. Bozeangeles will never be the same again. Friday is departure day, heading out to Portland. Civilization will be nice for a while. So now I have sattelite radio in my car. I do not know how I survived without it. Comedy whenever you want, Sirius 17 Jam On may be the best station on earth. Oh yeah, about flying Portland on friday, I will be subjected to a tiny little propeller thing that scares the shit out of me. They fly all the time though so it will be all good. One thing before I go: Goulet!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

That's not a lion, it's a giraffe!

According to the internet, which I still believe never lies, as TV failed me several years ago, it is 18 degrees below zero outside right now. I bought new snow tires today for the Volvo, but I think that they will be useless when the damn car can't even start in the first place. I guess it did hesitantly roll over this morning. Like a dream. It was so cold that the heated seats wouldn't even work. Wait; they don't even work in the summer. By midweek the temperature is supposed to gun all the way up into the 40's. If things go well, it will get warm enough that everything will melt and be very wet, and right at the wettest point, it will get really cold again and freeze so that I can skate to work. Speaking of work, we all had the weekend off. To celebrate, on Saturday Patrick and I went to Big Sky. Wait - that's hardly taking a day off. But it was fun. The snow was great, and I did't get frostbitten. Patrick broke his snowboard. Last night Julia made lasagna for all of us. It was delicious. My new friend Heidi came over for the meal, and things were, as usual, rediculous. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but we laughed a lot. A trip to the baxter followed. Pabst is up to $3.00 per, and only available on tap. Delicious, but worth it? We protested the upscaling of our favorite smoke free bar in town by playing quarters and putting several hundred small dents in out table. You may call that vandalism, but I still call it an undesired side effect. As it turns out, girls are better than guys at quarters. Danny and I represented well, sinking a total of zero quarters between the two of us. Patrick actually managed to get 2 in, but I think one of them was actually just tossed, and not bounced, resulting in no new dent in the table. On the other side of things, Heidi and Julia proved to be quarters stars. At some point, it almost felt as if I was being picked on. I had to drink several beers that ended with a quarter going in my mouth, the history of which was and remains unknown. At some point Julia actually tipped over in her chair, and I don't think that it was intentional. Since she didn't actually get to see it happen, being a participant and all, I did an instant replay and ended up on the floor myself. I still only have one dollar in my wallet. Enya is suddenly playing on this computer, which, if you can imagine, really motivates the blogging. I think that I really like using commas, and I probably use them too much in places where I don't actually need one. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Friday, December 16, 2005

A blog for the ages.

Not really. Today is and was Friday and marked the last day of ski school training. All told, it was a good day, and the week of training was certainly informative and fun. We had an employee party at the half moon. We came early, left in the middle, and had fun. This probably the worst blog I've tried to write. The world is shaking. Goodnight.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday Night Part II

I feel like as a household we have been neglecting the blog for the past week. That is why you get the pleasure of reading not one, but two blogs for the night. I think the main reason the blog was neglected last week is because it was too cold. Literally. I couldn't tear myself away from the front of our fake fireplace for fear of freezing to death. My mom told me that Montana made national news for having temperatures of -45 degrees. While I would like to say that we are that hardcore, in Bozeman it really wasn't that cold. I think the coldest it got was -18. However, for me, that is pretty damn cold. I learned many things last week, including the fact that cars have trouble starting in really cold weather, as well as the value of a space heater for cold basement rooms. n As Max said, the three remaining members of the household joined the rest of the family in a daily commute up to Big Sky. I can imagine that our commute is far more enjoyable since we have NPR for the first part of the drive, and then great old school rap tunes for the rest. I think my favorite part is Max rapping to Sugarhill gang. I am glad that Allison has joined our carpool, as I always delight in seeing exactly what sort of incoherent words are going to stumble out of her mouth each morning. To close this blog I will tell you two things that I am excited about. One, is seeing how our carpool mornings progress when we all work for the 13 straight days starting Monday. And last, but most importantly, is what is going to happen on the Chrismakuh episode of the OC tonite.

The return of the blogger...

Kind of like Return of the Gangsta, a song by Outkast. Except, right now I'm listening to Tupac. You know you love it. How do you want it... How do you feel... So anywho. Welcome to Thursday at Spring Creek. True to form, tonight will be full game on, pads and all, for the first OCP in quite some time. I can only thank Lauren for that. I think that Julia is already heating up the popcorn getting ready, so if you decide to come don't bring popcorn. We have enough. The supply of Leinies is still holding strong. The weather is consistently cold now, which possibly could relate to the decrease in beer consumption of late.
This week has marked my first week of an actual job since early September. Tom, Julia, Allison and I have been driving up to Big Sky each morning this week to learn how to teach the younger members of society how to progress from a straight run as a total gaper, continuing into a wedge, up to shredding the gnar in an open parallel as a total Bro Bra. Dude. Results have been mixed so far. We've been excited to ski each day, but still, we have not spotted a child. I'm not sure what one even looks like, especially considering that I've been on a college campus for most of the past four years. Of the new group, there are only seven (I think) males, making for over a two to one ratio. Tom and I were initially encouraged by those odds, but since then, 100% of the girls that the topic has come up with actually already have boyfriends. Our view is quickly turning pessimistic. On the other hand, of the males, one is at least in his forties (and may be married), one definitely has a girlfriend already, and we are thus narrowed to only 5 males. I've recently contacted FOX about writing a show on this... Anyway, with Tom's boyish good looks and my smart repritoire of well placed comments, not to mention my huge biceps, I think we should be shoe-ins. I just hope the two of us don't end up in a fight over one. Or worse, several of them get in a fight over me, while completely ignoring Tom. How would that make Tom feel? And, we certainly can't forget Julia. Which one will she pick? Be sure to check out FOX on Sunday at 9:00 to find out.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Long Time

Sorry guys. It's been about a week since I have left a post. Another monday means back to the grindstone. I already ruffled some feathers here before I even got to work today. What a great way to start the day. If i had to use one word to describe the feeling of today it would be "discontent". I am not sure why, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with my choice in career paths and lack there of in the career development area. I have a belief that broadening my horizons, career wise, should not be that difficult. Where I am now, it seems that every step forward is shortly followed by 2 steps backwards and no one seems to notice or care. Sometimes I feel that I am still in high school waiting for that last bell of the day to ring.

As for the weekend, Patrick definitley took advantage of being able to ski 2 days in a row and is now paying for it. My quads hurt like hell and stairs are now avoided at all costs. The snow was so-so and I have decided that the best place to really work on skiing is on the groomers. Getting into some of that difficult terrain can be a real challenge. Mainly on the body. Back to work for another hour. Peace.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

-25 Degrees

So I saw the weather report for tonight and it is supposed to get down to -25. I think at that temperature testicles actually pack their bags up and go back inside the body. Just a reminder to bundle up if you all are going out.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Case of the Monday's

So, it is monday which means back to work. I asked for a temporary raise this morning because I seem doing not only my job but this girl's job who has been gone for the past month and a half. That got shot down. Other than that, all I have to look forward to is looking out the windoow and writing stuff on this blog for the rest of the week. The weekend was great though. Me and Allison went up to Big Sky and tore it up. Took a tram run, which was sketchy at the top but cleared up near the bottom and was full of fluffy pow. The place was empty mostly because it was cold as hell on Sunday. Saturday was christmas tree cutting day. We almost saw a snowmobiler and a Montana redneck get into a fight. We brought a shotgun but never got to shoot because there were so many gapers out. Not feeling so hot today. I think a little sickness is about to take over. I hate being sick. Anyways, I better go eat some chicken noodle. Check in with ya'll later.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Roomates are Nuts!

I believe my roommates are psychotic. Who would do such a thing to an innocent animal? Tom is having the time of his life, Julia is loving every second of this, and Patrick is focused at his task at hand. What the hell! My roommates are nuts!

This photo is of our inaugural 511 Christmas tree harvest. We thought we were in National Forest, but that is still to be determined....

Saturday, December 03, 2005

not a good sign..

this morning max's rockstar volvo got stuck going out of our driveway...not such a great omen for his upcoming trip to seattle. max, tom, tim, and i went skiing at Big Sky. It was pretty great all day, except for that whole frost nip part. oh yeah, and not being able to distinguish up from down coming off the tram. tom, patrick, danny, and i have a steller day planned out. we are gonna go cut down our christmas tree in the national forest land, and then patrick is gonna teach me how to shoot a gun. when in montana, do as montanans do. i have no idea of what to expect for our little woods adventure, but danny told me it will probably involve sitting in the back of someones car, listening to bluegrass, and drinking some whiskey. i don't know, sounds fun to me.

Friday, December 02, 2005

4PM Friday

Hey ya'll. It's about 4 o'clock here in Big Sky. I have been wasting the day away sitting at a desk that is to small and looking into a computer screen all day. I think my eyes are going bad because of it. Every time I drive home and it is after dusk, the light from the cars behind me really hurts the old eyeballs. It's really a killer when the ass coming the other way has his brights on and it makes you squint real bad. Anyways, what I meant to gripe about was work. I think i have figured out why you get paid. I beleive it is because they realize that you are choosing to waste my life away for the company. By waste my life away I mean sit and look at a computer screen while your eyes slowly go bad and you become more and more out of shape everyday and look out the window and say, "There are so many other things I could be doing, but I really need this job right now." So my little rant here is mostly because all I really wanted to do today was go and take just a few runs at Big Sky, just so I could experience some sweet ass pow snow. Unlike the weekend days when I usually go and there are like 10 million asses all over the hill tracking out every sweet spot there is. Long story short, I think I need to start my own company and call myself the boss. Then all I have to do is say, "Self, I'm taking the day off to hit up the sweet sweet pow."

thursday night.

If you want to buy something shitty, I'd have to recommend a cell phone. I've had mine for about 7 months now. I should highlight pros first. It holds all of my friends' phone numbers, and some of my not-friends' phone numbers. On the other side, I have many friends whose phone numbers are not in the phone, and of course the phone hasn't yet offered any solutions to that problem. I do like being able to call people when I'm not at home, because sometimes the best time is when you're not at home. If you want to talk shit about your roommate, well hey, you sure are glad to have that phone. I really like to talk while driving. I am a really good driver, probably in the top five in Bozeman, and so sometimes my superior driving causes problems, like everyone stops to just watch how amazing I am behind the wheel of the Volvo. Rear wheel drive, ladies and gentlemen! So, by talking on the phone while driving, I can reduce my driving skills to that of the average Bozemanite, and hey, then we all get along. I'm considering getting a second phone. I think that by talking on both at once, we could really do some good stuff. I've always wanted to stay stopped at a stoplight when it turns green all the way through the green cycle, until it turns yellow, and then just as it turns to red, gun it. This works particularily well if there is only one lane of traffic, because it's not as much fun if the cars stopped behind you can just go around in the other lane. Heck, with the Volvo, they probably think that you're broken down and feel bad for you. Nope, the only way to go is one lane. And, really, the only way that people will understand your good trick is to be on two cell phones at once. If you're just sitting there, they might get mad. But when they see the two phones simutaneously they will think, "two cell phones at once? Man, that guy really has some talent!" At which point you know that they've gotten the joke. Which reminds me of the original point of the post. My cell phone, at only 7 months old, has stopped charging well. I plug in the charger, and nothing happens. I have to fiddle with it for about 10 minutes until it finally starts charging. Man, that thing sucks.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

An unexpected turn...

I woke up this morning and I could see blue sky.