Thursday, December 15, 2005

The return of the blogger...

Kind of like Return of the Gangsta, a song by Outkast. Except, right now I'm listening to Tupac. You know you love it. How do you want it... How do you feel... So anywho. Welcome to Thursday at Spring Creek. True to form, tonight will be full game on, pads and all, for the first OCP in quite some time. I can only thank Lauren for that. I think that Julia is already heating up the popcorn getting ready, so if you decide to come don't bring popcorn. We have enough. The supply of Leinies is still holding strong. The weather is consistently cold now, which possibly could relate to the decrease in beer consumption of late.
This week has marked my first week of an actual job since early September. Tom, Julia, Allison and I have been driving up to Big Sky each morning this week to learn how to teach the younger members of society how to progress from a straight run as a total gaper, continuing into a wedge, up to shredding the gnar in an open parallel as a total Bro Bra. Dude. Results have been mixed so far. We've been excited to ski each day, but still, we have not spotted a child. I'm not sure what one even looks like, especially considering that I've been on a college campus for most of the past four years. Of the new group, there are only seven (I think) males, making for over a two to one ratio. Tom and I were initially encouraged by those odds, but since then, 100% of the girls that the topic has come up with actually already have boyfriends. Our view is quickly turning pessimistic. On the other hand, of the males, one is at least in his forties (and may be married), one definitely has a girlfriend already, and we are thus narrowed to only 5 males. I've recently contacted FOX about writing a show on this... Anyway, with Tom's boyish good looks and my smart repritoire of well placed comments, not to mention my huge biceps, I think we should be shoe-ins. I just hope the two of us don't end up in a fight over one. Or worse, several of them get in a fight over me, while completely ignoring Tom. How would that make Tom feel? And, we certainly can't forget Julia. Which one will she pick? Be sure to check out FOX on Sunday at 9:00 to find out.


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