Monday, December 05, 2005

Case of the Monday's

So, it is monday which means back to work. I asked for a temporary raise this morning because I seem doing not only my job but this girl's job who has been gone for the past month and a half. That got shot down. Other than that, all I have to look forward to is looking out the windoow and writing stuff on this blog for the rest of the week. The weekend was great though. Me and Allison went up to Big Sky and tore it up. Took a tram run, which was sketchy at the top but cleared up near the bottom and was full of fluffy pow. The place was empty mostly because it was cold as hell on Sunday. Saturday was christmas tree cutting day. We almost saw a snowmobiler and a Montana redneck get into a fight. We brought a shotgun but never got to shoot because there were so many gapers out. Not feeling so hot today. I think a little sickness is about to take over. I hate being sick. Anyways, I better go eat some chicken noodle. Check in with ya'll later.


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