Friday, December 02, 2005

4PM Friday

Hey ya'll. It's about 4 o'clock here in Big Sky. I have been wasting the day away sitting at a desk that is to small and looking into a computer screen all day. I think my eyes are going bad because of it. Every time I drive home and it is after dusk, the light from the cars behind me really hurts the old eyeballs. It's really a killer when the ass coming the other way has his brights on and it makes you squint real bad. Anyways, what I meant to gripe about was work. I think i have figured out why you get paid. I beleive it is because they realize that you are choosing to waste my life away for the company. By waste my life away I mean sit and look at a computer screen while your eyes slowly go bad and you become more and more out of shape everyday and look out the window and say, "There are so many other things I could be doing, but I really need this job right now." So my little rant here is mostly because all I really wanted to do today was go and take just a few runs at Big Sky, just so I could experience some sweet ass pow snow. Unlike the weekend days when I usually go and there are like 10 million asses all over the hill tracking out every sweet spot there is. Long story short, I think I need to start my own company and call myself the boss. Then all I have to do is say, "Self, I'm taking the day off to hit up the sweet sweet pow."


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