Friday, December 02, 2005

thursday night.

If you want to buy something shitty, I'd have to recommend a cell phone. I've had mine for about 7 months now. I should highlight pros first. It holds all of my friends' phone numbers, and some of my not-friends' phone numbers. On the other side, I have many friends whose phone numbers are not in the phone, and of course the phone hasn't yet offered any solutions to that problem. I do like being able to call people when I'm not at home, because sometimes the best time is when you're not at home. If you want to talk shit about your roommate, well hey, you sure are glad to have that phone. I really like to talk while driving. I am a really good driver, probably in the top five in Bozeman, and so sometimes my superior driving causes problems, like everyone stops to just watch how amazing I am behind the wheel of the Volvo. Rear wheel drive, ladies and gentlemen! So, by talking on the phone while driving, I can reduce my driving skills to that of the average Bozemanite, and hey, then we all get along. I'm considering getting a second phone. I think that by talking on both at once, we could really do some good stuff. I've always wanted to stay stopped at a stoplight when it turns green all the way through the green cycle, until it turns yellow, and then just as it turns to red, gun it. This works particularily well if there is only one lane of traffic, because it's not as much fun if the cars stopped behind you can just go around in the other lane. Heck, with the Volvo, they probably think that you're broken down and feel bad for you. Nope, the only way to go is one lane. And, really, the only way that people will understand your good trick is to be on two cell phones at once. If you're just sitting there, they might get mad. But when they see the two phones simutaneously they will think, "two cell phones at once? Man, that guy really has some talent!" At which point you know that they've gotten the joke. Which reminds me of the original point of the post. My cell phone, at only 7 months old, has stopped charging well. I plug in the charger, and nothing happens. I have to fiddle with it for about 10 minutes until it finally starts charging. Man, that thing sucks.


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