Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bachelors Abroad

Hi All - The 511 Times is once again sending a correspondent abroad, this time to New Zealand. We are continuously trying to stretch our coverage as far and wide as possible, and with the well established network the 511 Times has created, this is becoming ever easier. I will be in New Zealand for the month of April with another past ranchhand, Chris Eixenberger. While there we intend to bike, climb, drink, kayak, tramp and zorb. Chris has just finished up med school in Omaha, and will be moving to Portland, Maine upon his return, while I am just unemployed and looking for something to do. Wish us the best in travels, and let's hope we can avoid the dangerous bite of the sandflies and the English women (they managed to bite into another of our intrepid ranchhands on his visit). Best of luck to Max at his interview at CRMS this week, and to Aunge as she recovers from her broken leg.



At 1:08 PM, Blogger Max said...

Keep us updated. Well, see you later!


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