Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Leaf Turning Over

(Yep, that's right. A real ranch-hand riding on good old Pecos.)

As you may have read, after a long season working on the prarie and borrowing a lot of garage time at the ranch, I went ahead and got the old shoulder worked on. Looks like it is going to put me down for some time. Something like 6 months until it is back to around 80% of normal. Damn blood flow. That is pretty much the end of any hockey or skiing/snowboarding plans this winter. There is always next year and you guys can show me the new terrain that you explored this year and will be more familiar with next. Anyways, along with rehabing the wing three times a day, I went ahead and jumped into the world of Facebook. This may seem to go against my prior convictions of, "if I have their number I will just call and talk to them rather than send an impersonal electronic note." I still believe this, but the free time I now have due to the shoulder was driving me a little crazy, not to mention that work is awfully slow and I fully expect to get let go everyday I show up. Anyways, I just signed up today and am a little overwhelmed with all it can apparently do, but I am sure that stuff will come with time. So, if I sent you out a friend request, humor me, and if I did not, don't feel bad, I probably don't fully realize how everything works yet.


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