Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Day

Hey all of you 511 friends and fans. If you were wondering, I am currently listening to a science podcast. Sweet, eh?

I'm back in Vernal, UT, after finishing my best season at Big Sky yet. As usual, it was difficult to leave at the end, but I did. In a snowstorm. I had an epic with my tires - as in multiple flats and a blown sidewall. A late season snowstorm tried to keep me in town, and almost worked. But I made it out by 1:30 (a new record for me!) on Tuesday. I've spent the last two days doing a river rescue seminar, swimming towards rocks in 40 degree water. It was fun. My drysuit showed up right after I was done with the swimming day. It was sweet irony that they had actually shipped me the wrong size anyway. My students are here now, and on monday we head out to the field for some camping and boating.

I've been stressed today trying to make a decision about the fall. NOLS wants me to proctor a semester (which I did ask for) but now I'm not so sure. It may interfere with my ski season, which would be unacceptable. Comments are welcome.

In house news, Justin is now staying, Aunge is moving back in, Steph has found her own place, and we're looking for another roommate. What a crazy place!




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