Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Faceshots and Faceplants

Does life get much better than today? After hearing about the second part, you will probably think to yourself, "Yes, it does get better. But, just a little bit."

Perhaps we should start with a recap from yesterday, just to put it into perspective. I was supposed to work, and I did indeed show up. However, with few lessons in the morning I decided to ski. Neil and I went to the trees of Dakota lift, which may be my new favorite area on the mountain. We made it back by 12:16 for our 12:15 check in, got a quick lunch, and reported for afternoon line up. We occupied ourselves cleaning the magic carpet to avoid getting assigned a group and then got ready to race, since, of course, Tuesday is race day. Tom Marshall came in freaking out about the lack of a race course, so we all decided to head over to Dakota again. It was still good. Deep. We skied really fast through the trees and still found fresh tracks at 3:15. Amazing. Around the end of the day it was snowing about as hard as it possibly can, so I got amped to come up for my day off today for even better skiing. We drove home, had a trip to the brewery, and a potluck at Dan and Evan's, and I convinced Justin to go to Big Sky with me.

Skip to this morning. I woke up at 7 and checked the snow report. 1" new. You have got to be kidding me! Bridger had 4. So, after contemplation and bacon, we opted for Bridger where we found epically deep snow on the ridge. Blower. White room. Schralp. Gnar. All of these terms apply right now. We had faceshots galore. The first run Justin and I both forgot to zip up our side zips on pants and promptly filled them with the cold smoke. We got three hikes total, and I had two fantastic faceplants. It was my first day on teles in a while. So, if you like snow going over your head, go to Bridger tomorrow. You know it will still be good.

So, we got back, and I spent most of the afternoon reading and copying information out of the PSIA childrens manual for my upcoming children's accreditation. That was a lot of hours. Oh well.

In the final piece of news, Tucker and I managed to have a video chat with the new computer(s). It's absolutely amazing technology. So, let me know if you want to video chat. Peace.


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