Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The end of an era?

It is November 2007. The last post to this blog was sometime in early August by ranch hand Patrick. What has happened? Quite a few changes have taken place and former residents have moved on to new places. There still is a contingency at 511 but it is smaller than it once was. As I look down the list of old ranch hands I notice that Max and Aunge are on separate river trips in AZ, Danny has moved to Portland, Partick moved to the north side, Julia moved to SF, Justin is still around 511, and I have moved to VT. I think we all need to make an effort to make posts in the very near future.

After a long tenure in Bozeman and roughly 4 years at the 511 Ranch I decided it was time to move along. I am now living in Burlington, VT and drink less beer, play less ping pong, and ski less; I do, however, read more scientific papers. It has been a great change overall; my muscles are bigger, I have a great tan, and I am adored by the college freshman girls.

I am also planning a run for Senate. Since you are all my friends I expect a donation. Please make checks out to Tucker Stevens. Donations at the $1000 level are needed.

I got to visit the airport yesterday where we drove in a big van down the middle of the runway. I requested the opportunity to lay at the end of the runway where the planes would fly over really low. My request was denied. Trips to the airport are not commonplace in my life. Once in awhile I go to the airport to fly somewhere but this was the first time I had been to the airport just to drive down the runway. I haven't decided if I would like to visit the airport again in the future to drive down the runway. I would, however, like to visit again if I could be the one to talk into the radio to request a drive down the runway. A normal day in my life in Burlington starts pretty early. I make tea to go, make a lunch, eat breakfast and then get into my car and drive to a parking lot where I get on a bus that takes me to school. I used to bike to school but it is to dark to bike home at night. The roads are busy and lined with pot-holes. Once at school I do lots of reading. Sometimes I work in the lab but I haven't actually run a sample yet because of technical difficulties with equipment. I am working on fixing the difficulties but, of course, I have no idea what I am doing. After ten or eleven hours I revers the travel process listed above to return home to eat diner. Sometimes I drive to South Royalton instead.

I guess that is all I am going to say for now. It is quickly approaching 10pm and after that time I literaly melt if I am not in bed. Keep your stick on the ice.


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