Friday, June 23, 2006


Well, I managed to come into Bozeman and two weeks later leave Bozeman, without ever actually blogging. For this I apologize. But, let me say, it was time wonderfully spent. So, now I am back in Vernal, UT where, according to, the temperature is 87, but let's be real. It is at least 102 in the sun, and the sun is everywhere. The only thing you can really do is sit inside the staff room (my current location) and drink gallons of water while dreaming of someone cooking dinner for you.

At first it was a bit shocking on the system to make the not-so-triumphant return to Bozeman. I was a little nervous when I was taking the exit to N. 7th. However, any apprehensions were thwarted when I walked into the ranch house and was greeted by not one, but two smiling canine faces. And of course, Danny was there. He doesn't actually live at the 511 anymore, but that's ok. It truly was great to see all of the house members, and to have some time at a bit of a base. We had some great events, such as Phoebe pooping on the carpet while we went rafting, cleaing the carpet (my birthday activity, as it turned out), Leinies, the Gally Whitewater Fest, and who knows what other trouble we got up to. Admittedly, I drank too much coffee and sat around too much, but that will all be forgotten a few weeks down the road. My daily routine went something like get up at 9, make pot of coffee, check email, start drinking coffee. Pace about the house. More coffee. Take Dexter to park. Coffee, and if everything had gone according to plan, I would be starting to shake, meaning that it was breakfast time. So, now it's almost noon, so I can start looking forward to the rest of the house coming home. What better way to pass the time than drinking coffee? Once said roommates finally arrived, we could freely enjoy Leinies and play cornhole, until about bedtime. Repeat. It was fun.

One day I went to Target. I was hoping to be able to purchase a 16" diameter playground ball, after Dexter put a hole in the one the night before. No dice on the ball, but I did realize that I needed a new toothbrush. It turns out that Target has a large selection of toothbrushes. Morally, I'm opposed to buying a piece of plastic with many shorter softer pieces of plastic mounted perpendicularlily on one end for more than a dollar. Target stocks one toothbrush that fit my budget, a house model. It would be fine, except the size of the head on said model is barely large enough for baby teeth. I demand a toothbrush head of adequate size! I ended up paying $1.47 for a slightly larger Target brand brush. Were you aware that it is possible to pay over $4 for a toothbrush? I'm impessed. Well, I'm about to fall asleep in this heat, so I'll talk to you all later. I love you.


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