Sunday, May 14, 2006

The NOLS Blog

I'm in Vernal, UT, on a Sunday afternoon. That's ok, because even if you could buy beer in Utah on Sundays, it's ALL 3.2. Man. So, I've been on the river on this course a whole lot, and today we have a much appreciated day off. I really haven't known what to do with myself, besides wander around, occasionally reading bits and pieces about John Wesley Powell's journey down the Green and contemplating whether or not I should be making another cup of coffee. I'm finding it challengin to type after a few weeks away.
My course is pretty great - we canoed Desolation and Gray Canyons, and canoeing in whitewater is more fun than you could ever imagine. That was 7 days, and then we immediately drove to the put in for the Gates of Lodore, which was 4 days in kayaks. One day back here at the ranch and we were off to Yampa canyon for 5 days in rafts. So far, so good. The only unintentional swim was when we flipped the mini-me trying to surf, and, let's be honest, that was probably Allison's fault. Way to go, Allison! My course is 8 students, including myself, and three instructors, and Allison was the woman from the staffing office that came along on our rafting section. Well, that's a long enough blog, and so we'll talk to everyone soon.
love, max


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