Sunday, April 16, 2006

Empty Nest

After reading all of the updates about what the former 511 housemates are up to I thought an update to what is going on here is appropriate. Where do I start. Thursday night was the first official night of an empty house. A little weird at first after I got home from work but I soon realized that it is a reality. Friday night Aunge came into town and dropped off a road bike here at the house. That was after John (the new guy in the basement) dropped some stuff off during the day and left a 36 pack of toilet paper for me on the kitchen counter. What a guy. Aunge, Heather, Kate and I went to Smiler's once again where I determined that I am a pussy when it comes to spice. The number 3 is all I can handle.

Saturday was a productive day that started out with a trip to Bob Ward's where I bought a new jacket and checked out some new fly fishing reels. Later that afternoon I went on a bike ride (thank's for leaving your bike Crawford) for about an hour and a half. It was about 70 here during the day and there is no way I was going to stay inside. John stopped by later and told me about some dispute he was having with his landlord and decided to leave and just stay at 511 for the night before heading back to Michigan. Later that evening I met up with Heather and Kate, had dinner at their house, and went to the Amnesty International Film Festival. Oh yeah, they are way into myspace. I checked into this phenomenon a little and realized that it is no more coller than our blog. So I am sticking with blogging for now. Saw this documentary on Michael Franti going to Baghdad and Palestine. He is one crazy asshole.

This brings me to where I am today. Home from 4 hours of taking pictures this morning at the easter egg hunt at work. Looks like the next few weeks are going to be tough but I am sure I will manage. Who am I kidding, 511 is running strong with Patrick at the wheel. When I start saying I look forward to going to work will someone please come back and slap me.

Hope all is well with everyone's travels. I will try to keep the blog updated on what is going on here in Bozeangeles. Take care ya'll.


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