Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pant Peeing

Wow, well I am new to this so called "blogging" activity...I will attempt to express my views and/or stories to their fullest while simontaneously trying to offend all those who read them, I think that is how CNN describes a blog. I read a post yesterday on this here blog about what it takes to become a world class blogger and I am sad to report that I have few of those characteristics. I mean, I do like the Lienes but lets face it, we live in MT where you can't buy the shit so that means I am only living and practicing that skill a few times a year when I am back in the hood of the CPG. I guess I will work on trying to learn the num-chucks (sp?). Entonces, puede escribar a mi fullest. (I know that last word is not in spanish).

So here's a quick look at a day in the life of work anyway. A few days ago I was trying to teach some youngsters how to shred the knar when one of them forgot how to stop and turn at the top of the mountain and the same time a second one peed her pants. Lovely. How the shit do you deal with that? I guess I should be glad that we all didn't pee our pants but one is over whelming enough. I have written a letter to the management of the mountain asking for more bathrooms to be installed on the mountain. Ideally we could be skiing down the slopes with the sides of the hills being lined with stores and restaurants and bathrooms so that when we required a service it would be there ready to service us. They said they would work on it. They are trying to compete with Vail and the Jellystone Club so this might be an avenue worth pursuing.

Well it does seem as though this blogging business is a waste of time but hey, what else do I have to do? I may even try it again.


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