Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hot and Bothered at Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is a bar in the Big Sky mall. Beers there cost $5. for the record, they do taste good. While we were there today, Julia got a little hot and bothered. Not really, I don't think, but I was saying so, and so it became tonight's blog item. And I've already said as much about it as I'm going to. Somehow, today was Tom, Julia, and my last day of training. This means tommorow our pay scale goes up considerably, but, on on the other hand, we are going to be trusted with young human beings. I'll be teaching elks, which involves going on any number of chairlifts. Uffda. Tucker arrived back in town today. I think that it is a somewhat celebrated arrival - at least at Big Sky. Every other person: "When is Tucker coming back? Yay!" My most common response related to the fact that I am already around. But, alas, it will certainly be fun to ski with him. Wait... When do we actually get to ski? Maybe in two weeks. Let the countdown begin! 14... The parents are coming to town this weekend. Turns out, there is a major holiday. Somehow the past few years Chrismukahh has sort of snuck up and jumped on me, which makes for an anticlimatic holiday. I think that a lot of the appeal of Christmas is the buildup - the cookies, presents piling under the tree, looking forward to that break from school, a little more cheer in each person you meet. I don't consider Christmas Carols to be a part of this list. For the most part, I abhor Christmas music. Being at Colorado College and Big Sky Resort don't really help with many of the items on the list, except perhaps the music aspect, which, of course, isn't doing much. The question of the evening: if a girl implies that she is going to call you, well, maybe implies, and you don't hear a word, is it a bad sign, or no sign? I've actually ruled out good sign already.


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Patrick said...

Yo dude, she is just playing the game with the minimum three day waiting period. Either that or you could just slowly be turning into the "friend". Good luck man.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maxy poo-
It's Tess.
Did you know that the carol, speaking of LOVing Christmukkah music, did you know the carol is oy vey Maria. I had to use that one more time this year.
As far as the girl- there are plenty of fish in the sea. oh wait, unless you're in Man-tana.
By the way, when does Tucker get back?
You know where to find me.
Rock on (with elks)
Love Tess


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