Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nice Little Sunday........

Well, as I sit here typing this it is officially the end to one of the most productive solo days I have had in a long time. It all started with a little inspiration from the neighbors yesterday. While they were out playing horseshoes yesterday while it was like 70 degrees out, I remembered a little game we play back home called "Cornhole". It is basically horseshoes with a 4ftx2ft board and 8 little baggies filled with corn or corn like filling.

With this new inspiration and after doing a little research online I soon discovered how easy it would be to make the game tables that are needed. Knowing that the weather today would be a drastic change from yesterday today it snowed and was in the 40's, I decided I would go ahead with it. After waking up at the usual 11am I headed over to home depot to pick up the necessary lumber for this little project. After buying four 2x4's and 1 sheet of plywood I was ready. To make a long story short I spent most of the day in the garage creating these amazing game pieces. The tunes were blasting and I have it was great.

The only decision left now is what design will go on the topsheet. I had one idea but I need an artist to do it. I was thinking the PBR logo on one and the Leine's logo on the other. I think I am going to ask either Allison or Heather if they are willing to help me out. If anyone has any suggestions about what to put on these let me know. If you want to know what cornhole is go to: and play it online.

As for 511, everything is going great. Have not gotten one bill in the mail yet which is great. Thank you Max for taking care of that before you left. I hear that Danny is off on your journey finally in Denver, hopefully having a great time with Vava. I got a message from Julia saying she is back home visiting family. I left a message with her and hopefully she will call back, have not actually talked to her in a while. Tom comes back on Tuesday and from reading Tucker's blog it sounds like they are seeing some amazing stuff over in China. I taked to Max the other night before he goes out on the river for the next month. He sounded pretty excited yet unsure about what he was going to do when he was done. The house is pretty quiet these days and I seem to be leaving earlier and getting home later thanks to the new job. I don't really mind all that much because I actually enjoy what I am doing and am learning a whole bunch.

So I think I am rambling on now so I will stop here. Hope everyone is having a great time wherever they are. We will have to have some kind of reunion here sometime. I wish I had a digital camera so I could put up some pictures of these amazing pieces of carpentry that I created today. If I can borrow the one from work I will put it with the next blog. Take care all.



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