Sunday, April 16, 2006


Man, I don't actually have too much on my mind to write about, but sometimes it just works out to start rambling and see what happens. College is crazy. The thing seems to be to not ever go to bed, consume copious amounts of alcohol in an excessively short period of time, and then go do something outside that is really hardcore. I've managed to live that lifestyle the past few days, minus the part about doing hardcore things. Unless you count doing an on campus easter egg hunt with matt gettleman. And, lets be honest, that was pretty hardcore, because a few of the eggs were really manly colors, like pink. Pink is the new black. And, we had to fit all of those eggs in our pockets, which potentially could have ripped our pants. High danger, at least for Matt, because I actually only found one egg, and it was purple.

There has been a great reunion with Oscar the Dog. It's just like old times - I talk to him in an incredibly condescending voice, and he looks at me stupidly. But, we all know that he is really thinking, "Fuck You!" This was reinforced when he tried to eat me off of my skateboard a few minutes ago.

I have met many great new friends here at The Colorado College. Hi, new friends! I hope you like my blog. The other night, I convinced a kid that I was a prospective student. He was astounded that I was able to pull off a CC image so well before even coming here. To be frank, so was I.

Typing on laptops is hard, especially in the dark.

Grey's Anatomy is not on tonight. I'm slightly disappointed. What do I do instead? The obvious answer is complicated by the fact the liquor stores are closed on Sundays in Colorado, especially Easter Sunday.

I suddenly feel like I'm spinning in circles.

Happy Easter, everyone.
love, max


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