Thursday, April 20, 2006

A whole-hearted farewell

I'm slightly surprised to find myself on a really nice Apple computer on the CU-Boulder campus. I'm here visiting my cousins, Amy and Allison, before heading to Vernal. The monitor on this thing is large enough to have two browsers open simultaneously while being able to view both. My other browser is currently working on sending a 100MB or so movie file over email. Not too fast. God, I sound like a nerd. No, that is not me praying.

I'm heading to Steamboat tonight, where I'll spent the night at my Aunt and Uncle's house, and then it's off to Utah tommorrow. I'm pretty excited. I just came here from CC yesterday. You may notice that I extended my stay at the Alma Mater a day extra. Then, I got to see Kelly. Also, it was much harder to leave than I expected. That place is so fun! And crazy! You'll notice the picture of my wearing a hot dog costume at Focus on the Family. What was I thinking?! And that was all before noon, on Saturday.

On Monday I got to go paddle Bailey, a run on the South Platte northwest of Colorado Springs. I think it was around when I was upside down, backwards, going over a substantial drop into a gnarly undercut that I started to wonder what makes this fun. But, it was fun, and I had a great time, besides the aforementioned experience at Supermax, which just left me scared, tired, and gasping for air. The Volvo was really a champ that day.

What else is new...

Not much.

So I'll head to Utah and into the backcountry for about a month, so don't expect any blogs for a little while. But, don't forget to check in, because if I have a chance at all, you know I'll blog. I love the pop culture!

Sorry this has been a boring blog, but remember that I love you all.


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