Thursday, June 01, 2006

As The Camel Blogs

Well, it has been a while since I last blogged and it feels great to jump right back into it. I do not even know where to start with everything that has been going on here in Bozeangeles lately. Ok, its not that exciting but a few things have happened since my last blog.

Danny has returned to Bozeman after a 3 week departure. He is currently living in Aunge's room while she is living it up in the Carribean. Phoebe has returned, possibly a little smarter than last time, but she is still about the same size. She may be the coolest dog I know. McGregor is now a full-time landscaper up in Big Sky. He seems to not know the benefits of suntan lotion yet but I think after his first burn, which was hilarious, he has wised up a bit. Pretty much every night of the week a cornhole game is played between John and myself. We are constantly honing our skills and are now looking for some local competition to play in money games. More about cornhole later. Tom has left for two weeks to do a trip back in NC and after he gets back he is moving his crap out and he is off to Alaska for pretty much the whole summer. Hopefully we will see him back here in Bozeman next winter holding down the ski school gig. Lucy is another who has left Bozeman hopefully to return for next winter. She is training in MN or WI (can't remember) to do some crazy ass canoe trip in the Canadian outback. She is crazy for doing that. Julia is apparently down in CO and hopefully she will make a trip up to Bozeman this summer. She too has been doing some traveling but to cooler places like Italy. Max is coming back to do something here in Bozeman once he is done with his NOLS course. Tucker is apparently joined a biker gang in Vietnam consisting of only Justin and himself and are traveling the coutryside of far off distant lands. Maybe we will start a gang when they get back to Bozeman.

I now realize that this blog is mostly about what everyone else is up to. I thought it might be noce to check one place to see what everyone else is up to.

As for me, I work a crapload (which I enjoy) and pretty much hang out and barbeque with the new gang around Bozeman. The new gang consists of John, Danny, Allison, Heather, Laurie, and probably others I can not remember to name at this time. A 511 and friends reunion would be a great thing to happen sometime this summer. Everybody keep that in mind.

Alright, too much typing. I should probably do some work since that is what they pay me to do here. Take care ya'll.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes the camel blog? Is it a frog or another animal like smog. Smog breathes, eats, and chokes us like a fat hog. Ummm hog, anyone hungry, how American of us!!


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