Sunday, September 10, 2006

On Being Men...

Our latest exploit here at the ranch is to be the best men we can. It all may have started with the Man Laws website, but really that simply formalized the process for us. Plus, we all know that it is much more manly to drink PBR or Leinies than Miller Lite. Still, the man laws provided us with inspiration. So, we have realized that many things we already do is quite manly, such as drinking excessive amounts of beer on a near daily basis, eating brats and burgers several times a week, and thinking of and talking about hot girls. On the other hand, things like carrying man purses and talking about our feelings is not as manly. Good to know. Today, Patrick and I loaded up the Escapepod with a few beers, a 20 gauge shotgun and enough clays and ammo to last us nearly a half hour and drove out to do some shooting. Really, what could be more manly? I suppose if we were to have shot each other to toughen our skin a bit... But, we came back, disappointed that we couldn't stop at the hardware store because it was closed, and ate brats.
In other news, but really along the same lines, we're residing the ranch house right now. Tucker insists on putting in 15 hour days, but so far I have resisted getting up before dawn, even if it is for the purpose of using a pneumatic nail gun. Oh, the power you feel with that in your hand... It's a big project. With any luck, we'll be able to admire the new siding within the next few weeks. If you'd like to schedule a viewing, shoot me an email.
The Volvo took a turn for the worst. The ignition system crapped out, and so far has not been fixed. Perhaps I'll have a moment to work on it if tucker gets distracted by the table saw, or a cute girl.
Justin has a date coming up, and we're not sure what Danny is up to, but right now he is at the hot springs with a totally hot babe. Patrick and I are wondering what's up - isn't spring supposed to be the season of love? Allegedly not. Men are probably getting excited about the upcoming hunting season here in Montana, which in turn, of course, is going to increase the sex drive. It's crazy how much it's a man's man's world.


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