Monday, August 21, 2006

To split a batch of bananas or not... that is the question

Well, tonight we had a conversation that could have made an epic Seinfeld show. It dealt with whether or not its kosher to split a batch of bananas apart at the store or not. Those who said it wasn't ok are also the ones with excess frozen bananas falling out of the freezer. And those who said split the bananas, leave the lone soldiers there, are also the ones that make the banana bread from the non-splitters leftovers. So my non-partial feelings are leave the damn bananas at the store and only take what you are really going to eat. Yes, you know who you are!

Ok, other events around here. We are practicing our Minnesotan accents daily with the arrival of each family member after work. Then sometimes we make an appearance downtown. Like the night that the boys arrived back in the states and Paul came to town and Chris added to the big reunion. It started with various river activites that always include some sort of drinking and quickly moved to the bar for some laughter and body shots. The light-hearted evening took a quick turn when Allison and I decided that it might be a good idea to step it up a notch and start spouting our liberal mouths at a good ol' time cowboy bar. It was fine and dandy until the boys got involved and the conservative gents we were talking with were ready to throw punches at our unsuspecting guys. That is until Allison stepped into one guy's face after sexist comments flew from his mouth. The bastard... don't worry she showed him up. However that was not the end of the night, one more near fight with people- narrowly escaped. And then the clencher for the evening... Justin's fight with a solid, helpless bench. He even had his bike to help fend off the blows, but somehow he lost and after a lengthy debate he ended up in the ER with stitches. Welcome back to the states Justin.

All of the current ranch hands are back here at home, except Tucker who just can't stay put. Its almost the end of August and Max and I are still on the river- the mighty Gally is still gushing water downstream. Yes, we've both managed to have a few swimmers and I narrowly avoided a flip. Oops! The mighty Gally is gushing water downstream. Justin is now a working man again. And Patrick, of course, is holding down the fort at Spanish Peaks- keeping things in line up there and enjoying the daily commute.

Cheers to all


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