Sunday, December 14, 2008

Post-modernism in a contemporary economic downturn.

Patrick has resisted our attempts to get him to join us (Max, Tucker, Becca, Allison, Danny, Julia, etc.) on Facebook and has instead suggested that we keep the blog going to maintain our friendships interactively. I've acquiesced, mostly because Patrick has a bum shoulder and we want to do something nice for him; plus, it's cold as hell outside and there isn't much else to do beside converse with friends in real life. Tonight we had a superb dinner party; Heather has joined us in Bozeman for a few days and we all got giddy on beer bread. In this season, why not? Bridger Bowl just opened the other day and has a lot of great snow, apparently, and Big Sky has been skiing really well, especially if you like rocks - geologists + Big Sky = peace and love! Aunge has even made a winter appearance here, and Becca made bongwater soup (JK Becca; it was great, and we loved it; Thanks!). As usual, the conversation of the evening started as small chat and moved towards speak of art and nudity. We hope that all faithful readers might be able to join us for our next family meal here at the ranch.


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