Saturday, July 12, 2008

An actual reader of our blog

It turns out that people other than those living at the 511 Ranch read this blog. Two weeks ago, I was Boston and attended a BBQ at Lauren Shaeffer's house. It turns out that she found the blog link off of my Facebook page (yea Facebook!) and not only visited the site but read enough to know that Aunge is back at the Ranch! Although this is the first confirmed reader I have come across, I can only imagine how many people must be regular readers.

Summer in VT is beautiful and fun but it certainly is not a summer at the Ranch. I must say that the weather might be better (lots of mid 70's days, no forest fires), the food is better (including the maple syrup), and the deciduous trees are great. However, the mountains aren't as tall, Lake Champlain does not flow with rapids, and we don't have nightly BBQs.

Early last week Sara and I volunteered on a farm. Since we are from MT I assumed they would have us drive the horses and tractors to till up some soil or something. Instead, we had to use our own legs and hands to simply pick onions, carrots, and weeds.

The good news from here is that Sara and I have decided to spend Xmas in Bozeman. We are hoping for two weeks and I hope the snow will be deep! Until next time, keep you stick on the ice.


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