Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Mountain Weather

Today, in the Gallatin National Forest avalanche advisory, our dedicated avalanche forecasters reported that they had limited success surveying an area in the southern Madison Range, but they were "able to confirm that the wind was blowing and it was snowing." I love it. It has been cold and colder in the last week, and I've been going so far as to plug the car in at night and wear my super puffy down jacket. So, for those of you coming to Bozeman for the holidays, bring your winter gear. Also, bring some patience because when it is cold and there is a little snow on the road most Bozeman drivers seem to think that the speed limit on every road has been reduced to 15 m.p.h. If you were wondering, yes, this does get annoying, even when you are not in a hurry. The Subaru is handling like a champ, except when the dash lights cut out. I love electrical problems in cars.
In other political/Max news, my college degree got more valuable yesterday as Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, CC graduate, was nominated for Secretary of the Interior. I'm expecting a call from Barack this week for my appointment. Well, that's all the news for now; we'll have a entirely different post to cover Justin's and my indoor biking festival, going on all winter.


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