Monday, December 15, 2008

Beer and Snow and Rock Glaciers

Hello trusty 511 Blog Readers! This is my first endeavor blogging under the 511 title...actually this is my first endeavor blogging, period. But seeing as how my school schedule is miraculously hollow today, I thought I'd take the opportunity to celebrate "The Ranch" along with my fellow 511 bloggers, past and present. I would concur with Max's descriptions of beer bread and giddy naked talk as being fabulous Sunday evening past times, and I would also ENTHUSIASTICALLY agree that Geology+ snow = love and peace, or whatever approximation he introduced in his post about Big Sky. I think about Big Sky a LOT, seeing as how I am studying a rock glacier on its Lone Mountain, but I have sadly spent less time actually at the locale. That will change, though, with obligatory "winter research" (i.e. days I figure out how to go snowboarding there on some sort of hijinxed pass). Bridger Bowl does have good snow, as of Saturday, at least, when we froze our bituxes off enjoying the morning pow ses (i.e."The Best Day of the World"). In conclusion, 511 Spring Creek is pretty much the best household a lowly grad. student moving here from CO could ever ask for, full of spirit and company and warmth. Its occupants are supportive and friendly and some can draw really remarkable imagined hybrid animals. Stay tuned for more beer and snow related adventures!


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