Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

This will be the last post of 2008, presumably. Perhaps someone else might put up a post later tonight, but it's unlikely. We're currently in the process of deciding what to do tonight. Justin is doing his best to figure it out by lying on the floor with his eyes closed next to the fire listening to Toumani Diabate. I'm feeling less than motivated to do anything at all here tonight, but we'll see what happens, and maybe I'll manage to stay out until 12:05. Frankly, I'd rather go skate skiing, I think. Tucker and I have been going to Big Sky each day for the last several days, and we continue to shape the lives of the American youth. Fantastic. We're proposing changing the names of the group levels to things like slug, snail, sloth, et cetera. Hopefully that will go well. I guess that that's all I really have to report. The parents have come and gone, and we have a plethora of cookies now. Enjoy 2009, and I hope you find good resolutions.


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