Sunday, October 24, 2010


Let's be honest: the blog has not been going well. Once in a while we'll get a new entry. But, right now is an important time to post! I am sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle with three former 511ers: Tucker, Sara, and, believe it or not, Justin! Yesterday, Tucker and I took the Amtrak (thanks for the ride to the station, Sara) to Stanwood, WA. Justin met us at the platform. He looks great. I touched his leg, and it was rock solid. Tucker and I pedaled all day into Seattle with our traveling friend. We were a little nervous about keeping up with such a rider, but we sneaked a few extra rocks into Justin's bags to slow him down a bit. What a day we had! I almost fell off of my bike when we found the Scuttlebutt brewery. We skipped lunch, despite protests from Justin and me, because Tucker wanted to be a hardcore cyclist and eat just Clif Bars and HammerGel. I offered him some of my sandwich, but he would have none of it. Tucker also nearly fell off of his bike two times, which is the same as the number of flat tires he got. The day started cool, but eventually warmed up so that we could ride in just shorts. It started to rain shortly thereafter. Finally, after 7 hours on the road, we made it to Tucker's house. And Sara made us supper. Thanks!

Photos to come!


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good stuff max!


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