Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nice Little Sunday........

Well, as I sit here typing this it is officially the end to one of the most productive solo days I have had in a long time. It all started with a little inspiration from the neighbors yesterday. While they were out playing horseshoes yesterday while it was like 70 degrees out, I remembered a little game we play back home called "Cornhole". It is basically horseshoes with a 4ftx2ft board and 8 little baggies filled with corn or corn like filling.

With this new inspiration and after doing a little research online I soon discovered how easy it would be to make the game tables that are needed. Knowing that the weather today would be a drastic change from yesterday today it snowed and was in the 40's, I decided I would go ahead with it. After waking up at the usual 11am I headed over to home depot to pick up the necessary lumber for this little project. After buying four 2x4's and 1 sheet of plywood I was ready. To make a long story short I spent most of the day in the garage creating these amazing game pieces. The tunes were blasting and I have it was great.

The only decision left now is what design will go on the topsheet. I had one idea but I need an artist to do it. I was thinking the PBR logo on one and the Leine's logo on the other. I think I am going to ask either Allison or Heather if they are willing to help me out. If anyone has any suggestions about what to put on these let me know. If you want to know what cornhole is go to: and play it online.

As for 511, everything is going great. Have not gotten one bill in the mail yet which is great. Thank you Max for taking care of that before you left. I hear that Danny is off on your journey finally in Denver, hopefully having a great time with Vava. I got a message from Julia saying she is back home visiting family. I left a message with her and hopefully she will call back, have not actually talked to her in a while. Tom comes back on Tuesday and from reading Tucker's blog it sounds like they are seeing some amazing stuff over in China. I taked to Max the other night before he goes out on the river for the next month. He sounded pretty excited yet unsure about what he was going to do when he was done. The house is pretty quiet these days and I seem to be leaving earlier and getting home later thanks to the new job. I don't really mind all that much because I actually enjoy what I am doing and am learning a whole bunch.

So I think I am rambling on now so I will stop here. Hope everyone is having a great time wherever they are. We will have to have some kind of reunion here sometime. I wish I had a digital camera so I could put up some pictures of these amazing pieces of carpentry that I created today. If I can borrow the one from work I will put it with the next blog. Take care all.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

A whole-hearted farewell

I'm slightly surprised to find myself on a really nice Apple computer on the CU-Boulder campus. I'm here visiting my cousins, Amy and Allison, before heading to Vernal. The monitor on this thing is large enough to have two browsers open simultaneously while being able to view both. My other browser is currently working on sending a 100MB or so movie file over email. Not too fast. God, I sound like a nerd. No, that is not me praying.

I'm heading to Steamboat tonight, where I'll spent the night at my Aunt and Uncle's house, and then it's off to Utah tommorrow. I'm pretty excited. I just came here from CC yesterday. You may notice that I extended my stay at the Alma Mater a day extra. Then, I got to see Kelly. Also, it was much harder to leave than I expected. That place is so fun! And crazy! You'll notice the picture of my wearing a hot dog costume at Focus on the Family. What was I thinking?! And that was all before noon, on Saturday.

On Monday I got to go paddle Bailey, a run on the South Platte northwest of Colorado Springs. I think it was around when I was upside down, backwards, going over a substantial drop into a gnarly undercut that I started to wonder what makes this fun. But, it was fun, and I had a great time, besides the aforementioned experience at Supermax, which just left me scared, tired, and gasping for air. The Volvo was really a champ that day.

What else is new...

Not much.

So I'll head to Utah and into the backcountry for about a month, so don't expect any blogs for a little while. But, don't forget to check in, because if I have a chance at all, you know I'll blog. I love the pop culture!

Sorry this has been a boring blog, but remember that I love you all.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

just an update. I'm sitting here showing aiden the finer points of what a blog is. I don't think that she is impressed.


Man, I don't actually have too much on my mind to write about, but sometimes it just works out to start rambling and see what happens. College is crazy. The thing seems to be to not ever go to bed, consume copious amounts of alcohol in an excessively short period of time, and then go do something outside that is really hardcore. I've managed to live that lifestyle the past few days, minus the part about doing hardcore things. Unless you count doing an on campus easter egg hunt with matt gettleman. And, lets be honest, that was pretty hardcore, because a few of the eggs were really manly colors, like pink. Pink is the new black. And, we had to fit all of those eggs in our pockets, which potentially could have ripped our pants. High danger, at least for Matt, because I actually only found one egg, and it was purple.

There has been a great reunion with Oscar the Dog. It's just like old times - I talk to him in an incredibly condescending voice, and he looks at me stupidly. But, we all know that he is really thinking, "Fuck You!" This was reinforced when he tried to eat me off of my skateboard a few minutes ago.

I have met many great new friends here at The Colorado College. Hi, new friends! I hope you like my blog. The other night, I convinced a kid that I was a prospective student. He was astounded that I was able to pull off a CC image so well before even coming here. To be frank, so was I.

Typing on laptops is hard, especially in the dark.

Grey's Anatomy is not on tonight. I'm slightly disappointed. What do I do instead? The obvious answer is complicated by the fact the liquor stores are closed on Sundays in Colorado, especially Easter Sunday.

I suddenly feel like I'm spinning in circles.

Happy Easter, everyone.
love, max

Empty Nest

After reading all of the updates about what the former 511 housemates are up to I thought an update to what is going on here is appropriate. Where do I start. Thursday night was the first official night of an empty house. A little weird at first after I got home from work but I soon realized that it is a reality. Friday night Aunge came into town and dropped off a road bike here at the house. That was after John (the new guy in the basement) dropped some stuff off during the day and left a 36 pack of toilet paper for me on the kitchen counter. What a guy. Aunge, Heather, Kate and I went to Smiler's once again where I determined that I am a pussy when it comes to spice. The number 3 is all I can handle.

Saturday was a productive day that started out with a trip to Bob Ward's where I bought a new jacket and checked out some new fly fishing reels. Later that afternoon I went on a bike ride (thank's for leaving your bike Crawford) for about an hour and a half. It was about 70 here during the day and there is no way I was going to stay inside. John stopped by later and told me about some dispute he was having with his landlord and decided to leave and just stay at 511 for the night before heading back to Michigan. Later that evening I met up with Heather and Kate, had dinner at their house, and went to the Amnesty International Film Festival. Oh yeah, they are way into myspace. I checked into this phenomenon a little and realized that it is no more coller than our blog. So I am sticking with blogging for now. Saw this documentary on Michael Franti going to Baghdad and Palestine. He is one crazy asshole.

This brings me to where I am today. Home from 4 hours of taking pictures this morning at the easter egg hunt at work. Looks like the next few weeks are going to be tough but I am sure I will manage. Who am I kidding, 511 is running strong with Patrick at the wheel. When I start saying I look forward to going to work will someone please come back and slap me.

Hope all is well with everyone's travels. I will try to keep the blog updated on what is going on here in Bozeangeles. Take care ya'll.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy

This post will be some of the highlights from my last few journal entries. I think the masses may enjoy them.
My Minneapolis visit also included a trip to the wonderful Walker art museum which included a uncomfortable unexperience with a beautiful girl around a pool of circling glass sperm at the Kikki Smith exhibit. What do you really say to a stranger around a pool of swimming sperm, they have nice form eh? Mine are smarter than that? I don't know regardless this was uncomfortable.

Last Thursday I went out with shaggy an aspiring hip/hop artists, my one and only aspiring hip/hop artist friend. Visiting Brit's and the local. At the Local I took the largest shot of my life, requiring three healthy gulps and potentially a new liver. It was nice to catch up with Shags, maybe I can be on one of his albums some day.

Friday i had a interesting cup of coffee with a older man you had a '68 BMW motorcycle with a sidecar. He got on to some weird tangent talking about how he hates the suburbs, how he needs concrete, noise, bricks, and asphalt around him at all times. As you can imagine I found this wired and this ranks up there with the two gay guys pulling a yellow lab in a radio flyer wagon.

Phoebe officially sucks at running. She pulls her collar off, zig zags all over the fucking place, and drags ass (to the point I have to drag her). I think I need to start feeding Phoebe more, so this fall wwe can have a Phoebe roast.

more to come later.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Well, I think that I'm going to have to agree with Danny on the whole city thing. Yesterday I left Bozeman about 7:30 for the next big adventure. I got to Denver around 6:30, just passing through, using the interstate, and I immediately felt like I was going to die. Denver is the only place that I've ever driven where traffic can go from 60 to a dead stop, back up to 45, to zero, to 50, and once more to zero, in less than a minute. And, since everyone is into getting wherever they are going very rapidly, no one leaves any room between their cars and the cars in front of them. This means that everytime the traffic goes to zero, about every other car is swerving onto the shoulder to aviod nailing the car in front. I'm not sure how the people in the middle lanes handle it, or for that matter, how anyone thinks this is an effective way of driving in the first place. It doesn't really help that there is road construction narrowing the lanes such that the Volvo is a tight fit. This construction has been going on in the same stretch of road for at least the last 4 years. Way to go, Denver. On the plus side, I am in Colorado Springs now visiting my former school, The Colorado College. I am surrounded by beautiful women, some of whom occasionally talk to me. Until next time,

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

City Life and the Rollerblading Culture

There are few mental, physical, and emotional exercises one can perform to prepare oneself for a city. I have been in Minneapolis for one day and I am mentally drained (examples to follow), physically wrecked (a run around Harriet dodging humans), and emotionally freaked out (examples top follow). This introduction is not meant to deter anyone from visiting or driving through a city, just a warming never to move to one.

Time 10AM
Time for a run on the beautiful Minnehaha Parkway wonderful warm, sunny day. Within the first few minutes of my run I notice my first of many rollerblading. Rollerblading in it self is not funny, but 97.75% of the time those individuals rollerblading are rather different, let me rephrase, funny. The first individual I saw had on a very tight tank top with shorts wedged up his ass, funny yes. The next individual I saw had on a tight tank top, tight shorts, HUGE headphones, and one of those very small ankle biting dogs, funny. Both of these individuals were men...Take it from there. The final subject was a female, she had on rollerblading, but was not rollerblading. She (we will call her MooMoo) was sitting in the middle of the fucking bike path doing nothing. At first I thought she fell, but as I got closer I noticed she did was not scraped or had any signs of a fall. She was simply sitting in the middle of a insane thourfare around Lake Harriet. I'm surprised MooMoo did not cause pile up, maybe she did and I missed it that is not funny. that requires a sad face :(

Kwolskies (sp?) supermarket. I had the bright idea of making Thai food (which went well), but the process of getting the ingredients was physically draining. Driving in a city sucks.
1. I'm not a good driver
2. Every one else sucks at driving, by my own account.
3. Hip Hop music blaring sucks
4. No turn on red lights suck
5. Finding a parking spot may get you killed (shot by "stealing a spot"), or (getting into an accident by how fucking fast everyone drives)
6. This is mentally messing me up because I should not care about this crap.

next point. As described earlier it was a warm day in Minneapolis and when I went to the store I had my dog ;in the car. It was too warm to leave her in the car so I tied her up in the shade by a bike rack. When I came out of the overall friendly (you know those places that try to be so friendly it's uncomfortable?) Hi welcome, hi do you need help, are you sure you don't need help, Sir. May I carry your bags, blah, blah, over the top, too much. After leaving the store with the final "have a wonderful day" I go out (15min) to my dog to find that some passer by has left her a Dixie cup of water that even if she was able to get her fat tongue in it would immediately spill. Now, this was a nice gesture however did they do it out of thoughtfulness or "that thoughtless prick left his dog without water" remember I am in city am passing judgment, but that individual was too, I think.

I actually saw a basset hound run at about half speed into a stroller coming in the opposite direction. The women who was running with the dog had the audacity to say stupid dog, stupid dog? Stupid fucking lady for running her dog into a baby stroller. Baby's mom was pissed, If I were the stroller I would be pissed, actually I was pissed, and Stephanie almost pissed her pants. Enough.

Next point of interest.
A gay couple was walking their 2 shanuszer (sp?)and had a yellowlab inside a radio flyer wagon. This was funny and disturbing. I was wondering why the shanuszers (sp? brutal I know) were not in the wagon and the yellow lab was not out charging around. This is going to bug me for a while. Emotionally that is.