Friday, May 19, 2006

Keeping it real

I just finally got caught up all of the excitement contained in the 511 Times, great to hear that everyone is staying on their toes and Danny is still wandering around lost. I am going to keep this short as I have my own blog which I think in the world of blogs sort of competes with this blog. I mean, only one can be the best. Granted, I do not have that shit Danny makes up (or is it real?), I am not throwing myself down a raging river, and I cannot take "Nice Little Saturdays" to the Home Depot, let alone Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but I think my blog has something going for it. For example how many of you are typing into a web page that loaded in a language that you don't understand? None, that's what I thought. Plus, how many of you are risking your lives typing into the blog knowing that the commies could snab you up at anytime for the shit you are thinking and writing? Case in point. Regardless, it is nice to have the news of Bozangelas. Where the hell are Tom and Julia? Why aren't they posting? Shit Julia, they have computers in Washington and Italy. blog on and lock it up. tucker

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The NOLS Blog

I'm in Vernal, UT, on a Sunday afternoon. That's ok, because even if you could buy beer in Utah on Sundays, it's ALL 3.2. Man. So, I've been on the river on this course a whole lot, and today we have a much appreciated day off. I really haven't known what to do with myself, besides wander around, occasionally reading bits and pieces about John Wesley Powell's journey down the Green and contemplating whether or not I should be making another cup of coffee. I'm finding it challengin to type after a few weeks away.
My course is pretty great - we canoed Desolation and Gray Canyons, and canoeing in whitewater is more fun than you could ever imagine. That was 7 days, and then we immediately drove to the put in for the Gates of Lodore, which was 4 days in kayaks. One day back here at the ranch and we were off to Yampa canyon for 5 days in rafts. So far, so good. The only unintentional swim was when we flipped the mini-me trying to surf, and, let's be honest, that was probably Allison's fault. Way to go, Allison! My course is 8 students, including myself, and three instructors, and Allison was the woman from the staffing office that came along on our rafting section. Well, that's a long enough blog, and so we'll talk to everyone soon.
love, max

Friday, May 05, 2006

Lucy's Last Stand

Lucy got crazy last evening. Well let's be honest we all got crazy. I was the ringleader, who lead this evening into a series of ridiculous events. Evening went something like this:
a) Norris was super chill and a great start to Lucy's last stand
b) Back to the Ranch for shots (details fuzzy)
c) Pourhouse
c1) Here someone was talking shit to me so I pinched his nose (seriously).
c2) Lucy and I made out for a while in the kitchen area of Pourhouse
c3) As usual I could not sit still and wondered for a few hours (details not available)
d) Back to the ranch for shots of vodka, apple sauce, and popcorn

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crestone Colorado

My post from Alamosa, CO. got deleted because nothing in this stupid blogger program recognizes and/or therefore saves entries..ahh!! Anyway here we go for round two. Crestone Colorado is a interesting place. If you get the chance check it out. A Buddhist spiritual center, Earth Star hippy village, and a Baptist church all reside in this small community. Please note: Excessive drug use and conflicting energy can be a bit intimidating. Our attempt at entering the Buddhist center (which was met with "If that's what your into", and "I'm not sure where it is", by a local) lead us away from this endeavors. The Earth Star community has a number of outbuildings (great cambodanian food we hear) and a huge free box was wonderful (Weby got a great book here). Good vibes. Our camp site was great other than a story I heard in Alamosa about a man whos dog had it's eye's gouged out because the locals felt it had "bad spirts". So, yes we had a good camp site, no I did not sleep. Please note the sketchy chick with no teeth who came out of no-where looking for smokes as I was trying to sleep on a picnic table, put all this together and figure out how I did not sleep. Great safire hunting, great nap on the N. Crestone Trail, Missin' Phoebe, Missin' Phoebe


Boulder is fun. Especially when you you are raging down Pearl Street with a football and a soccer ball, kicking and throwing to random people, disturbing the peace. Mike almost took out a kid and the tourist/local population was "a bit concerned" with our actions.

I would like to be rubber band man when I grow up and live at the the Mountain Sun playing Scrabble. Other than sleeping on the floor in a garage (which was more comfortable than it sounfds) this little town was great. Hi to Hanna :) (nice seeing you at CC) and all the other folks we met.
Oh making subs at scarfs was a good time too.

Colorado College

What can I say? My CC experience was better than I had expected. Libby, thank you for being such an awesome host. Thank you for the sick ass costume closet. Specifically the pink wig, Huge Hefnoire robe, neon stockings, women's shirt, coon skin cap (that was used as a tail). The combinations were awesome. Erica thank you for the painted juggling monkey on my cheek, that was sick! Hello to all my new and old friends (if you even read this). Holy shit that was out of control..I was drunk at 11AM. That's about as "PC" as I want to get. One more thank you to the union building for the green cardboard that resembled the neon green wristbands that gave us free booze.
Good times, good, times. Cheers and good night