Sunday, October 15, 2006

You beckoned...

Sure, we all think about blogging, but I agree the input is lacking. So, although its a bit delayed, I am here to share a few thoughts.

I was out at the airport last weekend only to be reminded that liquids and gels must fit into a ziploc bag in order to be safe. Really, who comes up with this. And is this just a ploy for the Ziploc company to get their name out there? Is big brother taking over and will all of our actions be critiqued by the government? Yes, its too bad that the world has come to this, but is it really a big difference whether a chapstick container is in or out of a plastic bag while going through security?! Seriously, where did all the good folks go...

Well, we're here in Bozeman! The big thing around here is the siding project. Tucker and Max have spent numerous hours learning the ins and outs of carpentry. Justin is basically their construction guru. And Patrick and I witness the changes while sipping cold beverages-we're like the cheerleaders. While they partake in "man activities," I've been busy hiking up mountains and exploring Montana. Steinbeck was right, this is a great place.

Yellowstone proved to be quite the adventure last weekend- a bit chilly though. However, the Boiling River and some wine will warm any soul. Its hard to believe that such a crazy place is right down the road from us. I mean really, mud gurgling from the earth's crust, steam spouting 70 feet into the air, animals galore, and every type of good old fashioned traveler possible. I was walking around the geysers surrounded by mullets, spandex, leather and pegged jean enthusiasts. Where else, besides Disneyland, can all these folks come together? However, the real question is whether the Norris Geyser Basin was named after Chuck Norris.

On a different note, biking has been great. Road biking through the fall colors is pretty invigorating. But, Justin, Tucker and I found out its better not to all ride the same bike together, at the same time.


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