Monday, July 10, 2006

No it's not Danny... It's Aunge!

Oh hey der... I am writing under my pen name as I can't quite get my segment up and running (ie Max didn't send the right stuff). But, we all still love him, especially coffee shop girls, because he's sporting some amazing handlebars these days.

Well, I moved back into the ranch about a month and a half ago and vowed not to let the '511 syndrome' hit. So to fight it I've been practicing my curls- alternating between PBR and Leinnys. And I don't mean to brag but these guns are getting bigger. Of course that means a few memorable nights out on the town where I find myself biking through the mud at Peete's Hill in the rain at 1:30 (yes, a.m.). Other than that I've been shaping the life of the youth in Bozeman and making tourons' Montana river dreams come true. It is a rough life.


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