Tuesday, July 04, 2006

America....fuck yeah!

happy 4th everyone! i celebrated mine by eating freedom burgers, doing a tyrolean traverse, gin and tonics on the fourth, and rapping down a pretty airy cliff. but no fireworks. fire ban. those bastards. as you may have guessed i am in my orientation for my upcoming course. we start in two days. today we did a bunch of reconning (read: the tyro and the rap). i am kinda scared for the course as we have a bunch of little shits (read: 14-16), and so far only 3 of our 8 students are not being forced to go on the course by their parents.
i am in marble, co. and if you have never been there before....go. NOW! there is a paved road that off the highway that turns into a dirt road the minute you hit the town. and the town is rollilcking...let me tell you. a church, an rv park, a yoga studio. there is even a gallery. but no bar. and there is all this rock along the side of the road. people have told me that it is marble. our base camp is all the way up this burly 4WD road. but don't worry. we rocked the white mini van (my friend dirk's) all the way up. and were passed the whole way by four-wheeler's, and dirt bikes, etc.
well...hope all is well in the rest of bozeangeles. hopefully i'll be returning for a visit to the ranch sometime in august. mwah! j


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