Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have returned

So after recieving several phone messages urging me not to neglect the blog, and being publicly scolded in a certain someone's last blog for not blogging....i have returned. but let me tell you, it took some work, since i forgot both my username AND my password. now that i know them both i will make sure to write them down this time for future use.

it is summer, and it is wonderful. so far my days are filled with early an early morning wake-up (its hard not to when your car is you bed, and there is no way to pull the shades), running, or yoga, maybe some climbing, probably some reading and lazing in and around the back of my car, reorganizing my car, cooking, and maybe a visit to the warehouse to use the computer. i am in leadville, as in colorado, at the outward bound basecamp. it is quite nice actually, except that to get to any of the buildings from my car requires a nice little hike up the hill. i guess it really gets you going in the morning when you havn't quite woken up and are trudging up to use the bathroom. an important fact to note: leadville is the highest incorporated town (read: it has a post office), in america. and it stands at 10,100 ft. as the sign coming into town, "life is good at 10-2."
que mas? i am leaving leadville tomarrow. heading down to telluride. i hear there's this great bluegrass event going on down i have some wonderful long lost friends i need to see.

i guess to catch up on what i was doing before-hand....i left 511 in a whirlwind and drove down to CO. (by the way, it is so nice to still be included in this blog even thoguth i don't actually technically still live at 511 anymore). visited the old CC-er. hung out with max, went on an easter egg hunt, and helped eat a gallon of ice-cream at 10 in the morning while standing on the side of the incline. after that i went back to the good old distric of columbia to schmooze with the politicians. just joking, there was no schmoozing involved. had a birthday, saw the damn fam, etc.. from there, mom and me jet-setted to italy where we walked teh coastline, browsed museams, spoke broken italian and warded off any weird old italian men. then it was back to D.C for a day, and off to colorado, again, to start my Outward Bound. Which brings me to now...i don't have any courses yet, so i am just floating until july, and then i will work my arse off.

so now that this has been rather long, i will stop. and hopefull make my blogging a much more often occurence. see you in the future...


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Tucker said...

Lock it up. Seriously, lock it up. No one "publicly scolded" you. Once you live in 511 you are always a part of 511. Its not so much a place to lay your head for a couple months but a lifestyle. Once you live in 511 you are part of the 511 blog and you are part of the 511 community. So hang on to that logger name and KIR.


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