Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crestone Colorado

My post from Alamosa, CO. got deleted because nothing in this stupid blogger program recognizes and/or therefore saves entries..ahh!! Anyway here we go for round two. Crestone Colorado is a interesting place. If you get the chance check it out. A Buddhist spiritual center, Earth Star hippy village, and a Baptist church all reside in this small community. Please note: Excessive drug use and conflicting energy can be a bit intimidating. Our attempt at entering the Buddhist center (which was met with "If that's what your into", and "I'm not sure where it is", by a local) lead us away from this endeavors. The Earth Star community has a number of outbuildings (great cambodanian food we hear) and a huge free box was wonderful (Weby got a great book here). Good vibes. Our camp site was great other than a story I heard in Alamosa about a man whos dog had it's eye's gouged out because the locals felt it had "bad spirts". So, yes we had a good camp site, no I did not sleep. Please note the sketchy chick with no teeth who came out of no-where looking for smokes as I was trying to sleep on a picnic table, put all this together and figure out how I did not sleep. Great safire hunting, great nap on the N. Crestone Trail, Missin' Phoebe, Missin' Phoebe


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