Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Colorado College

What can I say? My CC experience was better than I had expected. Libby, thank you for being such an awesome host. Thank you for the sick ass costume closet. Specifically the pink wig, Huge Hefnoire robe, neon stockings, women's shirt, coon skin cap (that was used as a tail). The combinations were awesome. Erica thank you for the painted juggling monkey on my cheek, that was sick! Hello to all my new and old friends (if you even read this). Holy shit that was out of control..I was drunk at 11AM. That's about as "PC" as I want to get. One more thank you to the union building for the green cardboard that resembled the neon green wristbands that gave us free booze.
Good times, good, times. Cheers and good night


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