Saturday, April 15, 2006

Warm and Fuzzy

This post will be some of the highlights from my last few journal entries. I think the masses may enjoy them.
My Minneapolis visit also included a trip to the wonderful Walker art museum which included a uncomfortable unexperience with a beautiful girl around a pool of circling glass sperm at the Kikki Smith exhibit. What do you really say to a stranger around a pool of swimming sperm, they have nice form eh? Mine are smarter than that? I don't know regardless this was uncomfortable.

Last Thursday I went out with shaggy an aspiring hip/hop artists, my one and only aspiring hip/hop artist friend. Visiting Brit's and the local. At the Local I took the largest shot of my life, requiring three healthy gulps and potentially a new liver. It was nice to catch up with Shags, maybe I can be on one of his albums some day.

Friday i had a interesting cup of coffee with a older man you had a '68 BMW motorcycle with a sidecar. He got on to some weird tangent talking about how he hates the suburbs, how he needs concrete, noise, bricks, and asphalt around him at all times. As you can imagine I found this wired and this ranks up there with the two gay guys pulling a yellow lab in a radio flyer wagon.

Phoebe officially sucks at running. She pulls her collar off, zig zags all over the fucking place, and drags ass (to the point I have to drag her). I think I need to start feeding Phoebe more, so this fall wwe can have a Phoebe roast.

more to come later.


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