Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday Night Part II

I feel like as a household we have been neglecting the blog for the past week. That is why you get the pleasure of reading not one, but two blogs for the night. I think the main reason the blog was neglected last week is because it was too cold. Literally. I couldn't tear myself away from the front of our fake fireplace for fear of freezing to death. My mom told me that Montana made national news for having temperatures of -45 degrees. While I would like to say that we are that hardcore, in Bozeman it really wasn't that cold. I think the coldest it got was -18. However, for me, that is pretty damn cold. I learned many things last week, including the fact that cars have trouble starting in really cold weather, as well as the value of a space heater for cold basement rooms. n As Max said, the three remaining members of the household joined the rest of the family in a daily commute up to Big Sky. I can imagine that our commute is far more enjoyable since we have NPR for the first part of the drive, and then great old school rap tunes for the rest. I think my favorite part is Max rapping to Sugarhill gang. I am glad that Allison has joined our carpool, as I always delight in seeing exactly what sort of incoherent words are going to stumble out of her mouth each morning. To close this blog I will tell you two things that I am excited about. One, is seeing how our carpool mornings progress when we all work for the 13 straight days starting Monday. And last, but most importantly, is what is going to happen on the Chrismakuh episode of the OC tonite.


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